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What are some pros and cons of requirements reuse?


Requirements reuse is when the same written requirement is used repeatedly within a single project, across a product line, or even across an enterprise. Requirement reuse can be as simple as an analyst copy/pasting requirements from a previous project, or it can be as sophisticated as having a central repository of requirements that documents link to.

Some benefits to requirements reuse are:

  • Faster delivery of requirements
  • Consistency within a project or across products
  • Meaning of the requirement is likely already understood by the team
  • Fewer defects
  • Higher team productivity
  • Reduced rework

Some downsides to requirements reuse are:

  • Working correctly a requirement for the first time may be time consuming
  • Reusing bad requirements is not helpful
  • Requirement wording may not fit the tone of voice of the new document
  • Requirement may require modification of attributes, which may present opportunity for error
  • If referencing a repository, the requirement may be modified without your knowledge

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