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What are the key principles of good digital design?

Posted by Chris Adams

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Digital design is the intersection between product design and digital technology. The impact of digital design is beginning to be understood as something that can shape the way we interact with one another and society around us. 

Sometimes digital design is people driven where the digital design process starts with the needs of people and then applies the necessary digital capabilities to deliver a product or solution. And it can sometimes be technology driven where new digital capabilities are understood and from there designers find ways it can be implemented into products and solutions in order to improve our experiences.

Good digital solutions emerge when we apply a number of key principles. Good digital design:

  1. is useful and usable
  2. is elegant and aesthetically pleasing
  3. is evolutionary and built in a way that can change based on market needs
  4. is exploratory and allows for experimentation such as with A/B testing
  5. focuses on the person or user of the product as a whole
  6. anticipates solution will effect change on the environment around the stakeholder  
  7. respects data protection and data security
  8. is sustainable from an environmental perspective
  9. incorporates both analog and digital elements for the best possible result
  10. uses digital means only when necessary, not because it's possible but because there is a need.

This answer was adapted from the webinar: Digital Design – Thinking beyond Requirements Engineering

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