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What is a SCRUM backlog?

Posted by Chris Adams

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There are two types of backlogs in SCRUM that are similar in structure, but differ in purpose and level of detail.

The product backlog lists the requirements for the project in the form of user stories, prioritized by highest customer value. It is managed by the product owner, and is updated over the course of the project as requirements are gathered and refined. It contains sufficient detail for the project team to provide relative estimates to develop, typically based on story points. The product backlog is generally updated on a weekly basis.

At the beginning of each sprint, the team reviews the prioritized product backlog and identifies the customer's highest‐priority user stories that can be completed within the sprint period. These stories become the sprint backlog for that particular sprint. The product backlog is created once and maintained over the life of the project; whereas a new sprint backlog is created at the start of each sprint. The sprint backlog is managed by the project team, and contains a detailed list of all the tasks that the team must complete for the user stories in the sprint. The sprint backlog is reviewed and updated on a daily basis.

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