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How does the term Velocity apply to an agile project?

Posted by Chris Adams

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The Velocity of an agile project describes the speed, in story points, at which user stories are completed from sprint to sprint.  Formulaically, this is the ratio of completed story points over the duration of the sprint.
Velocity = Completed Story Points / Sprint
Example: If a team completes 150 story points over the course of 3 sprints then the average Velocity = 150/3, or 50 Story Points/Sprint.
Pretty straight forward.  So how is velocity useful?  
Calculating the team’s velocity after the first sprint provides the information necessary to assign user stories to future sprints, as well as estimate the time required to complete all of the sprints required to deliver the desired functionality.  The team velocity can also be used as a starting benchmark from which improvements in team efficiency can be made.  This may be by removing friction within processes or team dynamics, or by eliminating or improving on any number of other things which slow the rate of progress

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vt posted on Saturday, July 13, 2013 3:09 AM
question - how to calculate the velocity for first sprint?
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