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New Post 11/12/2017 8:30 AM
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Looking for feedback on a software concept 
Hi all,

I've been a reader of this site for a few years now and have only now reached the point that I've something to contribute. I'm looking for some feedback on a concept for a software application that I'm developing (although it isn't currently available to anyone). I have some teaser copy here and I'm trying to assess interest from consultants and BAs; I'd appreciate any feedback than anyone may have:

NB. Please ignore the "PUZZLEPOINT" name, that's just a randomly-generated placeholder.
Improve your business. Systematically.

1. Model any process using simple visual elements
2. Run simulations to find waste, bottlenecks, and bad design
3. Don't guess where changes should be made, pinpoint them

No need to learn complicated modelling languages. No need to take specialist training courses. And absolutely no need for expensive consultants.

PUZZLEPOINT transforms the unglamorous process of improving business processes into something... well... not exactly glamorous, but certainly cheap, easy, and profitable.
I'm very interested to know if this is something that anyone would be interested in.  The target audience is essentially meant to be small to medium-sized firms or BA consultants or consultancies.  Even if you're not interested (perhaps you believe there is already a product that does this) I'd be interested in any negative feedback as well.

And as I mentioned, please don't take this as spam; since you couldn't even sign up for the product even if you wanted to! I'm just looking to validate a concept. However if you would like to discuss it further; I'm very happy for you to email me at

Kind regards,
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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Software for An...  Looking for feedback on a software concept

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