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Technical Upgrade Projects - do they need a BA? 
Hi, my org is about to start a SharePoint upgrade project.  We have 100's of sharepoint sites, about 10 applications on SharePoint (e.g. Project Server) as well as 10's of workflows.  My question is what sort of requirements work do you think it useful in this type of project?  My org won't want a BA engaging with all owners of all sites apps and workflows to gather detailed functional requirements for stuff that is already there - and I agree this isn't value add work.  But how will the project know what to deliver and test in the absence of these?  Do you have any suggestions of how this sort of project has been approached in your orgs?  Were requirements for delivery and test teams backward engineered from what was already there?  If so who did it and how? 
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Re: Technical Upgrade Projects - do they need a BA? 

You don't always need a BA if you have someone who does BA's work :-)

I agree, you don't want to engage all of them, but maybe you want to take a risk-based approach. Find out what are your 3 to 5 most business critical sharepoints and engange them. You can focus on their requirements. 

If you have a test-stage for your upgrade, you could try to replicate production and do the upgrade there. Make sharepoint owners accountable for checking the workflow on the test-stage.

If you fail to gather functional requirements, maybe your test-team's time is better spent in non-functional testing? Performance of the software after the upgrade? Does the recovery/backup still work? Do you need zero-downtime? If so, does it work? How about downgrade in case of emergency?

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  Technical Upgrade Projects - do they need a BA?

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