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New Post 4/3/2017 1:20 AM
User is offline Vijit
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How to avoid implementation details in a User Story 

Hello to one and all.


I am writing a user story and have stumbled upon this problem of avoiding the implementation detail in it. I already have a UI design created for the project.


Say, for example, I am writing a story for the login functionality. The login has two textboxes and a button. As I cannot use the terms textbox & button, as they are HTML implementation details, then how do I write the story.

I have written the following lines:

The Login module should have the following options:

  • The module should have an option (textbox) to enter a username
  • The module should have an option (textbox) to enter a password
  • The module should have an option (textbox) to submit the login details

Also, I am using the term Login Module instead of Login Page as Page is an HTML term

As I come from a development background I find it difficult to wrap my head around the concept of staying away from the implementation detail.

I am also uncomfortable to use the term "should" in my user story, but I have been asked to use it instead of can, will, shall etc.

This is my first project and I am quite nervous. I have read a lot on requirement gather and am quite overwhelmed.

Can someone please guide me with the requirement process for the following:

  • Requirement template
  • Mapping and tracing requirement with User stories


I hope I was able to convey my problem. Any form of help will be appreciated. Thank you for reading.

New Post 4/17/2017 8:05 AM
User is offline Patrick Schmöllerl
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Re: How to avoid implementation details in a User Story 

Hi Vijit,

I am not a nativ speaker, but the words "textbox" or "Login Module" don't sound like implementation details to me. You obviously don't want to write: "As a user I want to call POST userLogin with the following request-parameters ...". That would be over the top :-)

If you should include details on the implementation in your user-story or strictly avoid it, depends on your project. In my experience it very often depends on the size of the project (how many people are in between your specification and the developer) or your precise role (vgl.

However, there is a a part of a user-story called the"Conversation".This is the best place to add further implementation details (vgl.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  How to avoid implementation details in a User Story

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