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Mastering the Requirements Process

Modern Analyst Workshop

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 09:00
(GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT)



Software has only one task – to satisfy the real needs of its user or customer. Building such software is relatively straightforward, providing the real needs in all their subtlety and concealment, have been discovered. Discovering the requirements is the task of the requirements process.
This workshop presents a thorough and well-established process for uncovering the real requirements, testing them for correctness, and recording them clearly, completely and unambiguously. The process is used (with variations) by both agile and traditional projects. It starts with the business—for it is only within the business that you discover the real needs. When you know the real needs, it is then possible to determine the system that best serves those needs, and to specify the requirements or stories to get the right system built.
This workshop shows you how to precisely define the scope of the business problem, to discover and involve the appropriate stakeholders, to use today’s techniques to learn what the business really needs, to innovate and find better ways to do the work, to communicate effectively and to write testable, unambiguous requirements.

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Starts 3/14/2017 @ 09:00
(GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT)
Ends 3/16/2017 @ 17:00
(GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT)
etc.Venues Marble Arch
86 Edgware Rd, London, W2 2EA

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