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How to Start a Business Analyst Career

How to Start a Business Analyst Career
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Author: Laura Brandau

It’s difficult to find an entry-level business analyst position. How to Start a Business Analyst Career will help you build a personalized road map for finding your first business analyst position, accelerating your transition into the BA role without the hefty investment in formal training programs.

How to Start a Business Analyst Career will help you answer the following types of questions.

What is the business analyst role like?
I’ll help you envision your future career as a business analyst so you can try it on for size. In the eBook, we’ll

  • Explore what the job is like day-to-day;
  • Hear stories from others who’ve successfully transitioned into a business analyst career; and
  • Answer frequently asked questions about what it’s like to be a BA.

Do I need business analyst training?
The answer is different for everyone, but before you invest potentially thousands of dollars in costly training programs, I’ll help you assess what you already know with an overview of the following:

  • Business analysis fundamentals;
  • Primary software development methodologies you’ll face as a new BA; and
  • Tools, technologies, and techniques BAs use day-to-day.

I suggest authoritative resources (books and online media) to help you fill any knowledge gaps before investing in costly business analyst training courses.

How do I qualify for an entry-level business analyst position?
You qualify yourself to be a business analyst by accumulating BA experiences. I’ll help you find opportunities in your current situation or identify the relevant experiences you’ve already had.

I’ll also help you find entry-level positions by:

  • Networking with technology professionals;
  • Exploring transition jobs to help you build “BA” jobs listed under different titles.

How do I create a business analyst resume?

Many candidates use their resume as a catalog of their professional experiences. This is a non-starter if you are new to the profession without much experience. I’ll help you update your resume to leverage what I’ve learned from new business analysts who recently found their first BA jobs.

I’ll help you refocus your resume to highlight the fundamentals of business analysis and the business analyst experiences you’ve accumulated.

How do I succeed at a business analyst interview?
Mastering the interview is the final step to landing your dream job. This eBook will help you:

  • Build resume to trigger interview questions about your best career experiences;
  • Prepare stories that uniquely qualify you for entry-level business analyst positions; and
  • Understand the perspectives of potential hiring managers and other interviewers.

Consider the How to Start a Business Analyst Career eBook your guide, from deciding to take the first step through to landing your first position. Accelerate your transition into a business analyst career by following the paths of others who have successfully become business analysts.

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tlgalenson posted on Saturday, December 12, 2009 10:00 PM
This is one of the books that a prospective BA or someone who has already committed themselves to becoming a BA should buy and work through. It has a number of sections that will be very illuminating. This is not a fundamentals "How to do BAing" book. It is dealing with the career not the methodologies.

I am recommending it because I did buy it.
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