What is DMN and how is it used to support BPMN?

BPMN is used to define business processes as a sequence of activities. Gateways are used to show branching of different process paths.  For many years, analysts would clumsily model decision logic directly in business process models in an attempt to fully define process branching logic. This made process models messy.

DMN or Decision Modeling Notation was published in 2015 by the Object Management Group.  It's a graphical language for specifying business decisions.  DMNs primary purpose is to give analysts a tool for separating the business decision logic from the business process. This serves to greatly reduce the complexity of business process models and facilitate their readability. The encapsulation of business decision logic with DMN also allows the business process or business rules to change without impacting the other.

DMN is made up of 4 elements and 3 requirements as defined by specification published by the Object Management Group :

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posted @ Monday, March 13, 2017 1:45 PM by Chris Adams