How do you ensure you have the right people for your project?

The success of any project is dependent on a number of factors, but ensuring you have the right people and skills is imperative.  When a team is put together from scratch, ensuring that the team has the appropriate skills is almost second nature, even if it is not analyzed in a formal way.  However many operations and technology teams exist as a permanent group within an organization.  As projects arise they are assigned to existing teams to be completed.  In this instance, it is more common that teams will lack the necessary skills for success.

Performing a team competency assessment can reveal any weak areas so that team members with the required skills can be sourced.

Team competency assessment are straightforward.

  1. Identify the key list of soft skills and hard skills needed for the project. 
  2. Identify on a numeric scale (typically 1 to 10) the minimum level of competency needed for each skill.  It may be a 5 for one skill and a 7 for another skill.
  3. Rate each team member on each skill.

If all, or most of your team falls below the required threshold for a particular skill this is a problem area that requires attention.

The illustration below shows how you can visually display the competency information.  A program such as excel works well for generating a similar chart.

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posted @ Sunday, January 11, 2015 4:36 PM by Chris Adams