What strategies could be used on a project to deal with undesirable (negative) risks?

Common strategies for dealing with negative risks include:

The specific strategy or response used for any given risk will depend upon the nature of the risk, including its assessed probability and impact. A project team or organization may be willing to accept a risk with low probability and low impact, but may try to mitigate or avoid risks with high probability and / or high impact.

It is important to pro-actively monitor risks throughout the project, and to identify events or circumstances that may lead to escalation of the probability or impact for any given risk. Even risks that have been accepted should not be ignored, since the threat level or the organization’s tolerance for risk can change as the project progresses. Risks may be linked to related project milestones, activities or deliverables to make them easier to manage.

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posted @ Thursday, March 6, 2014 9:13 PM by Chris Adams