How is the 100-point method be used to prioritize requirements?

The 100-point method is a prioritization method that can be used to prioritize items in a group environment. Each person within the group is given 100 points which they can distribute as votes across the available items.  The votes do not need to be distributed equally; rather a weighted distribution can be used to reflect the higher priority that some items warrant.

Imagine that a group was trying to prioritize 5 items.  A person could decide that each item is of equal importance and assigned 20 points to each. Or, they could decide that item 1 is more important than 2 which is more important than 3, and so on, and therefore spread the votes out in a weighted fashion where item 1 gets 40 votes, item 2 gets 30 votes, item 3 gets 15 votes, etc, until all of the votes are allocated.  Each person allocates their 100 points. Then all of the votes are added to determine the final vote count for each item resulting in the prioritized list.

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posted @ Wednesday, December 21, 2011 11:02 PM by Chris Adams