How is the Enterprise Analysis knowledge area of the BABOK v2.0 defined?

The Enterprise Analysis knowledge area includes 5 tasks:

  1. Define Business Need
  2. Access Capability Gaps
  3. Determine Solution Approach
  4. Define Solution Scope
  5. Define Business Case

The purpose of the Enterprise Analysis knowledge area is to describe the business analysis activities required to compare the needs of the business against the current capabilities of the business and identify opportunities for improvement.  Then, based on this information, the analyst can determine which solutions should be selected to resolve the issue.  The output of this knowledge area provides helpful background information for the Requirements Analysis knowledge area as well as the Solution Assessment and Validation knowledge area.   The work done during Enterprise Analysis is also helpful for long term strategic planning as it paints a picture of the current state and capabilities of the business.

Before any new project is started, analysts and business stakeholders should understand how the project goals and objectives fit into the overall direction and plan for the enterprise.  Without the Enterprise Analysis activities this wouldn’t be possible.

posted @ Saturday, April 3, 2010 2:24 PM by Chris Adams