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New Post 4/10/2019 6:21 PM
User is offline Tyrese214
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BPMN 2.0 templates – FINANCE 

I have been assigned to create Process Models for all my clients Finance Processes using BPMN 2.0


I do not wish to start from scratch as there are PLENTY of finance processes in a typical company especially my clients.


Is there anywhere on the internet that Any BA here knows about that contains hundreds of BPMN 2.0 templates Specific to Finance Processes?


I can then select for the process that I am trying to model and then edit to my specific requirements.


Happy to pay for these templates from any site that offers them, so kindly advise


Thank you very much

New Post 7/17/2019 7:11 AM
User is offline Dong Hoa
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Re: BPMN 2.0 templates – FINANCE 

It's difficult to find things that you want because Process Model is internal documents. But you can hire freelancer with suitable cost.

New Post 7/18/2019 12:20 AM
User is offline Stewart F
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Re: BPMN 2.0 templates – FINANCE 

Hi Tyrese214, 

I would suspect that if the processes existed on the internet they wouldn't have asked you to do it in the first place. Hate to say this, but its your job to process all of these, if that is what they have asked for. This is a common task for a BA to do and is also very much why companies have BAs in the first place.

I would suspect that most are quite simple, but you need to give them all you full attention to make sure they are right. 

Also, it is highly unlikely that any two company's processes are identical, so looking for a process map online that will fit your company is very prone to not working. 

As I said, do your job in mapping these yourself, working on either the stand alone processes first or by those that you can get access to the Subject Matter Expert first of all. 

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