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This following blogs contain rants and recommendations for good practices, useful not only for when delivering software, but that can also be used any time organization is required.

The most common improvements that can be leveraged on any (some on every) development process it has been my experience to be involved with, are the following:

  • Duplication - Copying and pasting, work (text or diagrams) from one place (or document) to another.
  • Ambiguity - Using the same term(s) with more than 1 meaning on the same project.
  • Inconsistent Documentation - Documents that supposedly describe the same information (or have similar purposes), but have different content. Deviating from the approved document template.
  • Document Content Organization - Related to unnecessary documentation. This rant is concerned with putting the right information in the right place in the document.
  • Ad Hoc Procedures - Concerns having a standard set procedures for handling files and making sure that everyone on the project understands how to use them.

I will discuss each point in detail in my following posts ..

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